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When you create your will or trust, it is reassuring to work with a legal professional who understands the full ramifications of your estate plan and can guide you in avoiding tax pit-falls and family disputes.  It is a privilege to work with you on some of the most important decisions of your life.


The Law Offices of Joel J. Ziegler, P.C. offer a full range of estate planning, from simple wills and trusts, health care proxies, and durable powers of attorney, to complex trusts designed to eliminate or minimize estate taxes and administration. 


A good estate plan will enhance asset protection and promote means of continuation of family businesses from one generation to another. Among the more sophisticated tools of the estate planner are family limited partnerships, life insurance trusts, and family buy-sell agreements.

Parents with young children, who do not yet consider themselves to have sufficient assets, often forget their most precious assets -- their children.  Our firm can help parents and grandparents of young children safeguard their financial future in the event of the parents’ death before the children are self-sufficient. 


The choice of guardian can be one of the most important decisions a parent makes.  After reflection, parents and grandparents may realize that it would be wise to postpone the ability of children who have just turned 18 to have access to significant amounts of insurance proceeds or other assets until they are older.  There are several simple methods to postpone access to assets until a more mature time in a child’s life.

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